Nulon Power Steer Stop Leak & Conditioner 300ml



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Nulon Power Steer Stop Leak & Conditioner 300ml

  • Reduces leaks fast
  • Helps prevent seal damage & wear
  • Extends power steering component life
  • Reduces noise & steering chatter
  • Rejuvenates worn & hardened seals

Power Steering Stop Leak and Conditioner

Nulon Power Steering Stop Leak & Conditioner (G65) uses the latest seal rejuvenating and high performance anti-wear additives. It reduces and prevents messy oil leaks and premature wear to extend power steering component life. Compatible with most types of power steering fluid.

Generally speaking, power steering systems are very much neglected and receive virtually no maintenance other than to check the fluid level occasionally. Most people are not aware that a power steering system has a simple filter located in the fluid reservoir that needs cleaning from time to time. A typical system contains a small volume of power steering fluid which is subjected to quite harsh conditions, particularly heat and contamination.

As preventative maintenance Nulon G65 will improve the lubricating qualities of the fluid and will keep seals soft and flexible.

Many vehicles suffer from pump noise and others suffer from a vibration that feeds back to the steering wheel. In many instances G65 will eliminate these annoying symptoms.

To replace the seal is a very expensive exercise, Nulon G65 will in most cases either eliminate the leak or at least reduce it to an acceptable level.